Print Management Video Series – EveryonePrint

Print Management Video Series – EveryonePrint

We caught up with Hayden van der Knaap from EveryonePrint – leaders in Print Management Software, to find out how their platform can be used to streamline your business.

Duncan Rootes – United Business Group
Hayden van der Knaap – EveryonePrint

Our customers are interested in finding out more about managed print whether it be on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid. Could you tell us more?

Print management solutions are considered for several reasons. Primarily the decision is driven by a need for print cost reduction, using business intelligence to track/monitor and adjust user print behaviours to be more cost-effective.

In addition, further cost reduction can be realised by using the solution to consolidate personal or less efficient devices into a more optimal estate, confidentiality concerns are often addressed using Follow you printing ensuring users get the correct prints when they are physically at the device.

As you have already touched upon Duncan, there are many types of solutions in the market ranging from fully on-premise to true cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings.

All have different qualities/benefits depending on your business requirements and I hope this session will help customers clarify the differences and what they want from a print management solution.

How is Hybrid Cloud Print different to other solutions on the market?

Where Hybrid Cloud Print sets itself aside, is by being designed for a cloud-first strategy from the ground up. We know that businesses have been moving to the cloud over the last decade because the benefits offered are flexibility, security, more productivity, IT simplification and cost reduction. And the pandemic has accelerated this shift to the point where over 75% of business leaders have a cloud-first strategy, they will adopt in the next 3-5 years.

How future proof is Hybrid Cloud Print?

Flexibility and simplicity are key to our ethos at EveryonePrint. As a customer utilising Hybrid Cloud Print you have more flexibility over your print estate, with our multi-vendor support and zero driver technology our solution will accommodate legacy or multi-vendor estates essentially meaning you can separate your print infrastructure backbone from your hardware purchasing decisions, so whether you are moving to the cloud today or considering it in the future Hybrid Cloud Print simply flexes around your requirements and business needs.

Cost is always a consideration for our customers. Can cost savings be proven with Everyone Print?

What is often overlooked in traditional MPS cost reduction is the heavy upfront investment in the solution which is often bundled in alongside the requirement to refresh the print estate – all of which takes a long time (if ever) to realise a cost-saving.

Furthermore, traditional Managed Print does not address hidden costs and burdens which IT managers and CIOs have challenges upon which is the print infrastructure, the print server & print driver management, maintenance, patches and security flaws for which on-premise solutions give very little in the way of flexibility.

By considering Hybrid Cloud Print as your print management solution, you can achieve savings in the traditional ways but also make significant impacts on the overall infrastructure TCO meaning the cost benefits are realised generally after the first year of outlay.

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