OUR VISION Connecting companies through technology. OUR MISSION To be the leader in office technology services, using data to provide the absolute best service through technology, innovation and hard work. OUR OFFERING We provide companies with office technology services.

Independent from any manufacturer, developer or service provider we sell, service and support hardware & software within office technology.
Experience There’s no substitute for experience and we have over 30 years of it, delivering our services to businesses looking for technology to play a key role in their future.
Customer Service We strive each and every day to deliver world class services to our full range of customers across the UK. It quite simply is the thing that drives us the most.
Data We utilise data to help our customers make informed decisions. Utilising a huge range of data points, we can collect and report on almost anything our customers require – helping their businesses succeed.
Technology We put the latest technology at the heart of our offering. Harnessing the power to transform our customers’ businesses into more agile, responsible and profitable companies.
CSR Playing a positive part in our community has always been central to our thinking.

We take our responsibility to give back to the communities we trade within very seriously and we are extremely proud to support local charities - particularly those working with children and the elderly.

Our latest partnership with local football club, Corinthian Casuals, adds to our ethos of conducting charitable work and we very much look forward to working with them.
Growth We’re looking to expand our range of services into other office technologies and are actively acquiring businesses to do so. ABOUT US Here you can learn about our business, our values and what really makes us tick.