Benefits of Leasing Print Hardware

Benefits of Leasing Print Hardware
  • Saving money upfront with no big capital expenditure
  • Repairs & inks included in our Managed Print Services
  • Ability to upgrade machines at the end of your agreement
  • Improve your print & document capture capabilities
  • Manageable payments for easy budgeting

Printer Services

Printer Leasing

A top of the range printer is essential for a successful workplace environment but buying one of these outright may not always be possible. This is where our printer leasing service comes in. Our printer leasing contracts are extremely competitive and we always ensure that you are provided with all the relevant information. This allows you to fully understand our service and as a result, you can make an informed decision as to whether leasing print hardware is the right option for you.

Photocopier Services

Photocopier & MFD Leasing

Photocopiers play a massive role in increasing office efficiency so high quality copiers are in demand. However, much like with printers, these can be extremely expensive so paying the full price upfront is not always feasible. In order to bridge this gap, we at United Business Group offer a straightforward leasing service with structured payments. This means that you can start improving office productivity straight away without breaking the bank.

MFD Services

An MFD is a workplace appliance that can take on the role of other devices. For example most MFDs can print, copy and scan, meaning that they are far more efficient than three separate machines. At United Business Group, we have a wide range of MFDs to choose from, giving you ample reason to upgrade to a device that will undoubtedly improve workplace efficiency.

We have MFDs to suit almost every need so we are sure that we can find one that appeals to you. Some allow for faster printing, others can be linked up to emails, the possibilities really are endless.

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We hope that you now have a better understanding of our printer, photocopier and Managed Print Services. If you would like to enquire about leasing print hardware from us, feel free to contact us today and we will provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

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