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We at United Business Group are widely recognised as one of the leading providers of flexible workplace technology solutions. Assisting businesses in Essex and its surrounding regions, we offer a variety of hardware, software, and managed services customised to your business in order to improve productivity. More information on these services is outlined below.

Managed I.T. Services Essex

Our managed I.T. support services are focused on providing smooth and efficient operations for our Essex customers.

Cybersecurity: Dedicated to safeguarding your data and operations, our team of cybersecurity professionals help to effectively mitigate potential threats to your business.

I.T. Consultancy: Our IT guidance, provided through our consultancy services, helps you to improve your IT infrastructure, giving your company a base to build from.

Outsourced I.T. Support: Thanks to our UK helpdesk in Haddenham, Bucks, our outsourced IT support can assist you in resolving a variety of IT issues, ensuring your company’s continuous progress.

Your organisation’s productivity can be improved significantly with an upgraded IT network infrastructure, designed to accommodate your fast-growing needs.

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Managed Print Services Essex

Elevate your printing setup with our cutting-edge managed print services. Going beyond the provision of printers, we offer seamless integration, budget-friendly photocopier leasing options and proactive maintenance to optimise your systems’ performance.

If you seek to enhance your company’s productivity, our managed print services may be the ideal solution. Tailor your leasing preferences (Printers, photocopiers, etc) to align with your requirements. Furthermore, our comprehensive platinum package guarantees the very best service and support, encompassing everything from installation to ongoing maintenance.

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Document Management Essex

Paperless document management services is one of the areas where we at United Business Group really excel. Basic electronic storage is just the tip of the iceberg, our advanced systems give businesses the ability to index, organise, retrieve and securely share documents.

The need for long, drawn out paper-based processes will also become a thing of the past. Our document management solutions allow information to be shared quickly and efficiently. In addition to this, full compliance with data security and industry regulations is guaranteed.

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Electrical Services Essex

Portable appliance testing (PAT), fixed wire testing and thermal image testing are examples of the electrical services that we offer here at United Business Group. These services also cover all areas of electrical compliance and safety to ensure that your organisation is fully protected.

To ensure that your electrical systems are compliant with all the relevant regulations, testing and analysis is carried out regularly, this also allows for any potential issues to be identified. As a result, tasks such as installing power and data cabling or performing remedial works can be carried out with ease, allowing your business to perform optimally.

If you feel that your Essex business could benefit from our workplace technology services then please feel free to contact us today.

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