Support & Maintenance

Having the technology in your office is one thing, but having it correctly setup and working for you day in, day out is very different. You only really get to know the character of a person, or indeed a company, when the chips are down and you need help. We believe that the reason we have been in business for nearly 30 years is due to the help and assistance we afford to our loyal customers.

The support starts by supplying the right equipment and systems for the job in the first place and being independent, cherry picking the best solution we feel we can do this better than anyone.

It’s all very well supplying the right solution, however if it is poorly setup through lack of knowledge it doesn’t address the real reason it was bought in the first place. We ensure that our project managers liaise directly with our technical staff so that you get the most our of your investment.

With all machinery there will inevitably be times whereby it doesn’t work quite as it should. You can be sure that our team of telephone support staff will be first on hand to help diagnose and rectify any faults. Should it require a physical site visit then one of our engineers will be dispatched. Our current on site response time across all of our calls last year stands at 2 hours and 47 minutes.

Occasionally problems need escalating and it is at this point you are happy that you are with an accredited partner with a long history and relationship with the equipment manufacturers. It’s this crucial backup that quickly solves a difficult problem that you don’t get with all our competition.

Strategic advice and reviews on how to become more efficient in processing documentation is part of a continual process. We offer best practice advice and can often pinpoint bottlenecks in current workflows and suggest additional methods of cost savings.

Should you wish to have an enhanced level of service, why not look at United Managed Print Service here.

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