Document Management

Much more than just storing documents electronically, document management systems allow organisations to properly index, organise, share and retrieve documents in a secure and auditable way.

Any company looking to move to a ‘paperless’ office environment or implement a clear desk policy will significantly benefit from a document management system.  Unfortunately just simply scanning documents and storing on the server is not permissible for key documents such as invoices & contracts – a proper document management system is what is needed.

Those looking to improve customer service, drastically cut down on employee time spent searching for documents and for cataloguing the latest versions of key documents such as price lists should also consider implementing a document management system.

Furthermore, these systems can assist with invoice approval, expense processing, out of office working and even retrieving critical documents on a mobile device securely.

Document Management

United Business Group can design and implement a standalone system, but also we can integrate this with your fleet of MFD’s or scanners for maximum efficiency.  We can even take care of the scanning of current filing cabinets into the newly created system.

Should you already utilise a Document Management or Case Management system, then speak to us about how we can integrate this with your MFD’s and scanners.  Even if you use a bespoke software platform we can still bring extra functionality to your MFD’s, allowing you to scan documents directly into whichever software you are using.

Below are a few of the systems we provide.



Therefore information management software enables you to store, manage and process all kinds of business information efficiently, economically and securely throughout your organisation.

Whether you import and integrate, share and compare, store and retrieve or distribute and print documents, Therefore gives you and your employees the opportunity to access and work with needed information in an easy and quick way.  Therefore revolutionises the way information is managed and shared in your business.  No more missing information.  No wasting time looking for documents.  Just fast, efficient information flow that gives you a productive business edge.

You can expect a tailor made workflow system that captures, manages and distributes information throughout your organisation.  Therefore offers higher productivity, lower document related operating costs, real-time and secure web access to company information, enhanced business process management, faster response times and improved customer service.

Capture – It’s easy to capture all kinds of paper-based and electronic documentation using Therefore.  In addition to the powerful scan module, Therefore can be integrated with advanced capture solutions from Iris & Kofax or import electronic documents using the connectors.

Securely Store – Therefore software stores you documents securely and gives you total access control of your information thanks to features seuch as permission settings and digital signatures.

Find & Edit – Therefore makes finding and editing information easy – whenever and wherever you need it.  Files can easily be found using a full-text search or by specifying index values.  Icons and the information pane show additional information on a document’s state and format.

Analyze – Using the new Business Analytics module in Therefore it’s possible to create reports and statistics about business processes and information stored in Therefore.



Founded in 1997, Invu develops Electronic Document Management, Accounts Payable and Purchasing solutions for a range of sectors, particularly those which are highly document dependent or where compliance is important.  Invu’s comprehensive product suite encompasses document and content management, purchasing, workflow, document automation and collaboration solutions.

Retrieving documents, the cost of misfiling and outright document loss all contribute to increased overheads, additional effort and poor service.  Invu Document Management offers a wide range of solutions to help with the heavy influx of documentation within your organisation.  Invu can streamline your communications and records by reducing your reliance on paper documents, easing your information flow and providing all your information at your fingertips.

Designed as a scalable solution, Invu works with your existing Microsoft and business applications as a core part of your processes.  Documents can be imported electronically from MS Office, emails imported and paper documents rapidly scanned in.  Once within the safety of Invu, documents can be routed between users, processed, classified, audited and securely stored.

In addition to the core Document Management solution Invu offers a number of add-on modules:

Invu Document Management-Workflow

Invu Workflow

Invu Workflow gives you better process management, ensuring control with auditability. Establish your business process and the solution is designed in line with the way you want your business to work.

Invu Document Management-Email

Invu Email Manager

Invu Email Manager is an essential and powerful supplement to your Invu DM system. Invu Email Manager flags up emails that have already been processed elsewhere in the organisation resulting in potentially high time and cost savings.

Invu Document Management-Capture

Invu Capture

Invu Capture instantly transforms documents and forms into usable, accessible data ready for export into your own business applications. Labour intensive manual data entry is eliminated along with mistakes and lost documents.

Invu Document Management-Link

Invu Link Manager

Link Manager is a cost-effective approach to automatically capturing documents produced from your day to day operations.

Invu Document Management-Content

Invu Content Automation

Leverage your existing transactional documents to communicate additional promotional messages. Cut through consumers’ information overload, email spam filters and do-not-contact lists and turn consumer attention into action.

nvu Document Management-Web

Invu Web Approval

Invu Web Approval creates paperless automation and rapid sign off for orders and invoices. Ideal for staff on the road.

Invu DocumentManagement-OCR

Invu OCR & Barcode Capture

Invu OCR & Barcode Capture gives you the ability to extract valuable information which is locked into paper documents; Invoices, POs, forms, etc.

Invu Sage 50

Invu for Sage 50

Designed specifically for Sage 50 and so can be rapidly deployed, yet allows for further customisation to Coding structure and Approval process (Workflow).

Invu Sage 200

Invu for Sage 200

Invu for Sage 200 extends the capability of the software in purchase invoice processing to streamline automated invoice matching and authorisation workflows.



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