Document Workflow

Moving documents around an organisation has traditionally been a very labour intensive process.  Whether it be mail, invoices, meeting notes, purchase orders, proof of delivery or any other documents, the process often involves physical documents being passed from one department to another.

Then, when the document reaches it’s intended recipient it is processed and moved on it’s way again, maybe another two or three times until it then gets filed.  At each stage an additional copy may be created for proof and filed away and it may end up with multiple copies of the same document.

With a Document Workflow solution you can cut out the unnecessary processes, remove the duplicate copies and speed up the process exponentially.  This allows your organisation to work faster, create an audit trail and ensure protocols are followed – all whilst working digitally and not passing a physical document around the business.

Document Workflow

Document Workflow software is also used for ensuring that both physical and electronic documents can be filed correctly.  Utilising a platform such as eCopy, you can scan documents from your MFD directly into hundreds of applications natively – meaning that documents can now be stored directly in the application instantly.

If you work in a print production or marketing environment then Document Workflow software can add a whole new dimension to how you work.  This allows you to create powerful and personalised campaigns through print or digital media, fully utilise web-to-print for your external or internal customers and managing incoming traffic within a busy print room environment.

Below are a few of the platforms we provide, click on the relevant icon to learn more.


eCopy is the industry’s leading solution for taking paper documents and getting them to where they need to be quickly, efficiently and securely.

eCopy is a software platform that can be embedded into MFD’s or used as a standalone Scanstation alongside other scanning equipment.  It allows a user to authenticate (if necessary) and then choose where to send their documents.  eCopy natively integrates with hundreds of applications as well as being able to scan documents directly into bespoke or custom software or databases, plus cloud based software such as Sharepoint Online or Salesforce.

It can provide highly sophisticated OCR capability allowing for batch scanning and processing of standardized documents such as invoices, purchase orders, proof of deliveries etc.

The software also allows hard copy documents to be scanned as multiple file types such as PDF, PDF-A, TIFF, RTF, XPS and all Microsoft Office documents.

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IRIS develop a number of powerful software products for processing documents including OCR, compression, capture & indexing, mailroom automation and invoice & AP automation amongst others.

Starting with issues companies face around processing document, IRIS has developed an entire suite of products to allow the batch processing of potentially complex documents in a very efficient and space friendly manner.

These products can be offered as stand alone software or integrated within MFD’s or other software platforms to create a seamless and extremely efficient method of managing documents throughout a business.

IRIS is incredibly customizable and individual and as such requires a consultation with us is necessary to ensure the right solution is implemented to pick up on any issues and improve current infrastructure.

Iris Software


Turn your transactional documents into promotional, engaging material with the PlanetPress suite of products and turn a complex workflow into a simple, automated task.

With PlanetPress you can design your invoices, your reports or any business document from scratch or you can import a PDF file into the designer and start your redesign work from that file to save time.

Images, dynamic graphics, data from print streams, databases, XML files or any other text based format stored anywhere, can be read by PlanetPress and easily mapped onto a document.

Call your customers by name.  Merge data from different systems to add value and personalisation to your communications so they become more relevant to your customers.

It’s not just about document creation, PlanetPress can also automate many processes that happen to common documents too.


PrintShop Mail is a standalone variable data printing and composition tool that optimises VDP production process by minimizing setup time and maximising printing speed.

Use PrintShop Mail’s intuitive drag-and-drop intergface to personalise the look and content of your promotional documents such as letters, advertisements, direct mailing, flyers, certificates aor any other type of promotional documents.

PrintShop Mail has an extensive barcode library that you can easily use thanks to wizards.  Benefit from postal barcodes to save on postage, or add QR codes to create a promotional piece that you can track.

Excel style functions, page picking, subset finishing, multiple pages per sheets, printing through the stack, N-up…start mailing like a prop with PrintShop Mail’s advanced features.

PrintShop Mail


Improve performance with an integrated, automated and intelligent workflow.

EFI offers operations like yours the best opportunity to stay ahead of the curve, maximising the value you add to your organisation.  EFI’s advance software solutions automate and streamline your operations allowing for an end-to-end approach to process improvement.  From online ordering capabilities, to estimating, quoting, job management, scheduling, production optimization and costing to efficiency reporting and chargebacks, EFI’s software helps to combat all these – usually manual – issues.



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